Heron underneath the wingnut (2018)

On my way to and from my day job, I pass a grove in the park, shaded by wingnuts. I had never consciously seen a wingnut before, but right then and there I fell in love with the festive little frills hanging from the branches giving the pond a fairy tale look. One day I saw a grey heron in the water, eyeing me closely from his holy shrine. That’t the moment I wanted to catch.

The heron has been a messenger at several points in my life. Apparently, the heron symbolises stillness and tranquility, and how you need these to recognise opportunities. The bird is also associated with determination: herons are found in marshes and ponds and like them, we wade through swampy places in life.

This artwork enshrines the heron in a fairy tale setting, celebrating determination and stillness.

29,5 x 21 cm, aquarel, 2018