Hiking up Mount Rinjani (2019)

What do you have to fear with the earth underneath your feet to carry you and the air all around you to embrace you?

Two days on a mountain. One day up, through jungle, behind a guide and following carriers who somehow climb mountains on flip-flops but take so much pride in in that I cannot judge. Setting up camp on top of the mountain to see the sun set. Waking up early to make our descent before the sun gets too hot. Feeling the bounce, the strength and resilience in your legs.

You are so much more than you think.

This scene is near the top, when mists came rolling in. The view was stunning, every moment. I took a picture because there was no time for a few hours of painting, but later on the scenes of the hike returned.

We heard a rumour about Rinjani being an ancient princess who refused to marry and flew away on her dragon to the top of this mountain. The locals denied the story and I wondered if it was a story from before Islam on Lombok. Who knows? I just know that Rinjani spoke to me, dragonprincess or not.

Hiking up Mount Rinjani – 21 x 29,5 cm watercolour painting, 2019