Mount Agung from Amed (2019)

The last day in Paradise. We had packed our bags and had one day left before catching the late plane home. There was one place to see: beautiful Amed. Mount Agung that we had been admiring was around again, this time basking in the sun and looking out over a beautiful bay. From Tulamben Mount Agung seemed scooped up in wilderness, but here it was majestically seated in full view. Jeroen found me a great spot to sit and paint for the last time this trip.

It felt like the cherry on top of my painting journey. I had learned so much that this last one came more easily. Changing light, using this medium on the go, often sitting semi-comfortably on an Instragrammable beanbag. The waiters came over for the ritual I’d observed before: admiring, giving advice on the things they see daily and I miss out on, talking about their own creative dreams. The day stretched out and when the sun started to set, I was done.

This painting holds that timeless moment of a last day to remember.

Mount Agung from Amed – 21 x 29,5 cm watercolour painting, 2019