Original art

I love scrolling through artists’ work, so here is my digital gallery! Enjoy the images and their short background stories if you like to read where it came from. These artworks in various media are available for purchase. Would you like to see them in person before making a decision? You can make a studio appointment or ask for more information here. For commissions check out this page.

N.B. I’m in the process of translating my website in English, my apologies for the Dutch remainder. Don’t hesitate to email me for translations, I’m happy to provide them.

Nightly scene

Soft pastels on paper, 2022. In the moonlight shadow magical lights swirl around – fireflies or magical creatures. In silence and awe, this piece brings stilless and wonder. – 24×30 cm, € 250


Soft pastels on paper, 2022. At dawn, something else dawns too, in the inner catacombs of the mysterious mountain. – 18×23 cm, € 179

Camp fire

Soft pastels on paper, 2022. Small work, about taking a break before exploring the rest of the island. Or: finding shelter near the fire, finding warmth. – 18×23 cm, € 179

Hot air balloon

Soft pastels on paper, 2022. Finding perspective high above it all – 30×40 cm, € 400

Secret passageway

Soft pastels on paper, 2022. On the cusp of the new year, finding new territory, new ideas, new plans. A trip to take with those closest to you, keeping your values and dreams to heart. – 30×40 cm, € 400


Soft pastels on paper, 2022. I met @bettmanphotography7 years ago at a food party, we were both at the beginning of following our dreams. Now we sometimes collaborate (he allows me to use his art to create my art) and this is one of the results! Be sure to follow him on the ‘gram – 30×40 cm, € 300

Fairy tale landscape

Soft pastels on paper, 2022. Inspired by the Pyrenees I merged a few memories with some fantasy. Sometimes the light is so bright and nature seems so majestic, that fairies, whisps and castles seem to naturally sprout from the earth. – 30×40 cm, € 400


Oil paint on canvas, 2022. Looking for a new place to live, looking for a dreamhouse. Searching for a place you know it’s somewhere out there. How do you get there? Is it truly a dreamhouse or something that only exists ‘in your dreams’? – 50×59 cm, € 850

Castles in the sky

Ink on 100% cotton paper, 2022. Many people are looking for their first own home, a place to make their dreams come true. But just like all those people, I no longer dared to hope for a Dream House. So I make portable dreams: palaces in hard to reach places. To never forget that we can always dream.- 21 x 29,7 cm, € 225

Potential trouble down the road

Oil paint on paper, 2022. Looking for my dream home, my anxious mind keeps dreaming up potential trouble down the road. A dark painting about the housing crisis, but also about mental health. Not everyone has the capacity to look through the shadows and find options, especially not once you’ve looked the monster in the eye. – 29,7 x 42 cm, € 400

Fading light

Soft pastels on special cardboard, 2022. Hiking through the Dolomites, we had just missed the bus. So we raced against the clock, against the setting sun, through one of the most beautiful valleys of Europe. Right in that moment a bright beam of light hit the road we were yet to take. Memento mori – time is short but can be SO awe inspiring… – 30 x 40 cm, € 400

House by the lake

Oil on paper. I made this in 2022, when the world opened up after the pandemic lockdowns. It felt raw and strange, just like this home is trying to hide between the rocks. Different from my otherwise colourful works, oil paint forced me to express this hiding in layered ways. – 29,7 x 42 cm, € 400

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Soft pastels on special cardboard. During the pandemic, the circle of life had me in its grip. Questions about climate change and about what we leave behind couldn’t let me go. This piece is about our place in this world – the layers of generations, what we leave behind, and what ends up in our soil. Are we fertile soil for the future to grow on? – 70 x 100 cm, € 1.500


Acrylic paint on prepared panel, 2022. Sickness and death are daily conversational topics, but nearly invisible in public life. Study of a skull as I’m working through my own relationship with endings, looking for beauty and for what remains. – 29,7 x 19,7 cm, € 200

Into the Woods

Into the woods

Soft pastels on special cardboard. “I cannot not believe”, my grandmother once said beautifully. To me this piece is about that, a combination of amazement and respect. Is there anything else we need when looking at this world? Also available as artprint or art card in my webshop. – 24 x 30 cm, € 250


Soft pastels on special cardboard. Fascinated by the shape of this pointy landscape, I tried to catch the light that falls just over the peaks at the right. Barely 6 months later I found myself eye in eye with the landscape – the Dolomites, the ‘Mordor’-part. – 29 x 39 cm, € 400


Soft pastels on special card board. Blue and orange is my favourite combination of colours. Looking for depth, resulting in bird’s eye perspective. – 29 x 39 cm, € 400

When the evening comes

Soft pastels on special cardbaord. Mountain ranges fascinate me, the forms are so random – they only look like themselves. A study in the coolness of shadows as the sun bids farewell and the full moon takes on early duty. – 29 x 39 cm, € 400