What I can do for you

On my journey to understand the wisdom between softness and toughness, I’m specializing in landscapes and specifically mountains. I work with soft pastels on special Pastelmat paper and with pen and ink on 100% cotton. My maximum size at the moment is 70 x 100 cm.

I can help you with:

  • A personalised artwork based on reference photo’s of your choosing
  • Illustrations for books, articles, short stories or for your personal brand
  • Artwork for a book cover or album cover

On this page you’ll find examples of earlier commissioned work. For more information, please contact me directly and we’ll discuss the options.

Option 1: commission a personalised artwork

Share your pictures of a landscape you’ll never forget: the park where you got engaged, a holiday to remember, a special place that means something to you.

Within 3-4 weeks I’ll present you a vibrant artwork. Below you’ll find examples of past commissions.

Love cabin (2022)
Snowy Dolomites (2022)
Dolomites (2022)
Intense sunrise (2021)

Option 2: illustrations for books, articles, short stories or your personal brand

Ink drawings full of detail. Tell me your vision or let me work my artist magic based on your story. I work with pen and ink by hand and if preferable will scan them in high quality for use online or in print.

fantasy maps
detailed people
fairy tale scenes
cosy scenes

Option 3: Book cover or album cover artwork

Share your ideas for cover art with me and I’ll create a unique image for you to stand out. Below you’ll find two examples.