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Anouschka van Wettum, Utrecht

Artwork above:
Mars/Pyrenées (sold), soft pastels on paper


Safety and soft pastels.

Paris, 2015. With a glass of red wine in my hand I find myself in a café, hiding from a terrorist attack. At that moment I knew life was too short to waste any more time. I promised myself to follow my heart… Once I got out of there alive.

The safety I take for granted day after day, is built daily by the people around me. The people who, despite everything, – and especially when the illusion of safety suddenly admits the cold wind of reality – still know how to see and recognise beauty.

From that moment on I realised that throughout the years I relied on what others deemed safe for me. How to dress, how to behave, where to go and not to go. I had stopped listening to my heart. Even though it called out clearly.

I want to create something worth looking at. Beautiful images. Dreams to borrow when your own seem nowhere to be found.

Custom made, sold
‘Mordor’ in the Dolomites, available

I hope that my art will inspire you to remember what is still beautiful and worth fighting for, especially in these challenging times. A tangible reminder of reasons to wake up, of futures full of promise, and of pursuing what is truly important to you.